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Bangtai Radiator Company has set up an after-sales service department, equipped with professional after-sales service personnel, and regularly conducts training and assessment for after-sales service personnel. From January 31 to February 2, 2004, our company invited marketing planning experts to the company. Our marketing staff and after-sales service personnel have conducted comprehensive and systematic training, and established a good after-sales service mechanism. All customer complaints are registered and filed, and the quality of customer complaints is handled reasonably and notarized.
For those who choose our company's products, the company will be responsible for free maintenance or replacement within two years due to the quality of the product itself, give a clear answer within 2 hours after receiving the customer's call, and rush to the scene as soon as possible to deal with the cause of the accident. The company provides paid services for quality problems caused by improper use.
For users who cannot provide specific product names, specifications, models, water inlet and outlet directions, and wire size, the company's technicians can provide designs for free to customer satisfaction.
Our company has sales outlets and service departments all over the country, whoever chooses Mishui brand radiators, can provide high-quality services in any region of the country.
Customer service hotline:400-1536-577