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How to buy rest assured radiator with zero risk


We need to consider several aspects:

  1. The strength, scale and technology of radiator manufacturers, due to the low threshold for radiator production, there are thousands of radiator manufacturers in the country, many of which are very small, and some even have only a dozen or so Individuals or several people, resulting in uneven quality of radiators. Therefore, consumers must choose products from manufacturers with a certain scale, but what should consumers do if it is impossible for consumers to go to the manufacturer for on-the-spot inspection? Teach you a simple method to see if the manufacturer has passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification and whether it has a certification certificate. Generally, the enterprises that have passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification are large-scale, relatively formal, and more standardized in quality management. The quality of the radiator produced by the company is relatively good, so you can buy it with confidence.

  2. In terms of products, choose those products with certain honorary certificates, such as "Famous Brands in Construction Hardware Industry", "Sun Angel Award" issued by the Building Materials Professional Committee of China Quality Inspection Association, "Sun Angel Award" issued by China Construction Hardware Industry Radiator Designated Enterprise" certificate, these certificates prove to a certain extent that the product quality of this brand is trustworthy;

  3. Check whether the radiator you plan to buy has product quality underwriting in the insurance company. Generally, regular companies will underwrite it. If a company's products are not covered by product quality insurance, it is recommended that consumers do not buy it, otherwise once the heat dissipation If the device leaks and other problems cause losses, your interests will not be guaranteed. Large enterprises with very few brands (such as Elizabeth Zhonghe and Jinnuanwang), proceeding from the interests of their own enterprises and consumers, not only underwrite product quality insurance, but also underwrite installation insurance and installation third liability insurance, so that consumers can The user can truly buy and use the brand's products with zero risk.

  5. It is also very important for consumers to choose which store to buy a radiator. Due to the high pressure in the heating system, if there is a problem with the product quality or installation, it is very likely that the newly renovated new home will be flooded. Even hundreds of thousands, so when consumers buy radiators, they should not only pay attention to whether the radiator is beautiful or not, and whether the price is high or not, but also carefully choose the store where they buy the radiator. It is recommended that consumers choose stores from the following aspects:

  1. Is it a formal registered company with a registered capital of not less than 500,000, preferably a general taxpayer company;

  2. Whether the products they operate are regular big brands, and the companies they represent are all well-known and big brands that are trustworthy, because manufacturers also choose credible companies when choosing agents;

  3. Search on the Internet to see if the company has its own website, and how it is reflected on the Internet. Buying from such a store, even if there is a problem, I believe they will give consumers satisfactory compensation, and the risk is much smaller.