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Light radiators should seek independent innovation


  The healthy, steady and rapid development of the national economy has also brought vitality to the building heating radiator industry, and light radiators have emerged in this context. Light radiators have entered a new era of rapid development

  In the long history of heating radiator production in my country, cast iron radiators once dominated the world. The first generation of light radiators in my country, the steel string radiator, which was jointly developed by the former Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Construction, Tsinghua University and Beijing Radiator Factory (then Beijing Hinge Factory), has fundamentally changed the heating and heat dissipation in my country. The pattern that the radiator dominates the world with cast iron radiators fills the history of no light steel radiators in our country. The product was introduced to the market after improvement, and soon it was widely used in the newly rising high-rise buildings in my country due to its high heat dissipation, light weight, high pressure bearing, and easy installation.

  In the 21st century, under the guidance of the Heating and Radiator Committee, the industry has developed rapidly. Copper-aluminum radiators, steel tube radiators, plate radiators, bathroom series radiators... emerge in an endless stream, showing that my country's heating radiator industry is entering a new era of rapid development.

  Follow the national industrial policy to develop and innovate

  Some radiator backbone enterprises actively implement the national industrial policy, and jointly undertake the responsibility of contributing to the development of radiator products in my country according to the development direction of radiator products.

  The development plan for my country's radiators in the "Prospects for Metal Products" formulated by the former Ministry of Construction from 1995 to 2010 is: during the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" period, strive for the complementary policy of cast iron radiators and steel radiators. At the end of the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" period, the production ratio of steel radiators should be expanded on the basis of the improvement of steel radiator anti-corrosion technology and reach 1:1. By 2010, it will be dominated by steel radiators, supplemented by cast iron radiators, and moderately developed aluminum radiators.

  The "Green Building Evaluation Standard" issued by the former Ministry of Construction is the first recommended national standard in China to comprehensively evaluate green buildings with multiple objectives and multiple levels, starting from the full life cycle of residential and public buildings. The "Standard" clearly pointed out that the green building evaluation index system consists of land saving and outdoor environment, energy saving and energy utilization, water saving and water resource utilization, material saving and material resource utilization, indoor environmental quality and operation management (residential building) or whole Life cycle comprehensive performance (public buildings) is composed of 6 categories of indicators.

  My country has a vast territory, relatively few resources, and huge consumption of heating radiators. At the same time, my country is a developing country. Under the environment where the country vigorously advocates energy saving, consumption reduction, and green environmental protection, enterprises should be guided by the national industrial policy. Develop innovative light, energy-saving and environmentally friendly radiator products for the benefit of future generations, treat the innovation of radiator products with a high sense of responsibility to the country, and make industry contributions to energy conservation and emission reduction.

  Independent Innovation Improves Enterprise Competitiveness

  In recent years, in the development process of light radiators in my country, under the guidance of industry associations, "Sanye", "Bangtai" and other enterprises have exerted their technological advantages on the basis of old products, enriched the product structure, and formed categories. A relatively complete professional manufacturer of radiators. "Jishui" and "Zhongya" highlight the advanced design concept in the research and development of light copper-aluminum composite radiators, and pay attention to the unity of product performance and decorative beauty.

  In recent years, the development of light radiator industry has achieved remarkable results. On the one hand, industry associations have correctly grasped the direction of industry development, and have really played a role as a bridge and link between enterprises. At the same time, they have played an important role in strengthening standards, purifying market order, and creating a good development environment; Under the favorable situation of reform and opening up, the technological innovation capability has been greatly improved.

  At present, there are more than 1,500 radiator manufacturers in my country, and a considerable number of small enterprises have chaotic management and backward technology. Conversely, the larger, stronger companies are transforming into technology-based companies. At the same time, foreign joint ventures in China have shown strong technological advantages. Therefore, on the road of independent innovation, Chinese enterprises should increase investment in research and development, cultivate a team of scientific and technological talents, deploy a large number of special equipment, and strive to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

  The level of technical ability is the key to independent innovation. For the radiator product itself, first of all, it is necessary to ensure the use function of the product, that is, under the premise of no water leakage, emphasize the heat dissipation function, pay attention to the pros and cons of thermal performance and the thermal strength of the metal. Reasonable use of materials, to ensure the best heat dissipation, to achieve an organic combination of safety and reliability and product appearance.

  The development of light radiators has been fruitful so far. This is the result of the continuous innovation and development of experts and manufacturers in the industry. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of light radiators has ushered in the spring of development in my country's radiator industry.